My Niece in College Will Design My Website

Having a beautifully-designed website is the bare minimum of what is required for online success. There are many technical and strategic best practices that designers often overlook. New designers and graphic artists
in general aren’t usually trained in technical areas. They are trained to design and will almost always deliver a nice looking page.

First, decide on the value of your online brand, then decide if it is worthy of professional services. There are billions of websites online and it’s likely that hundreds are those of your local competitors. Consider why your competitor’s website is showing up in search results when your website does not. Also, consider that most consumers use the web as a first resource when researching or seeking services and products. Finally, consider the number of missed opportunities created because your website is not being found or when found, it did not present a professional appearance or one that best represented and promoted your brand.

Six Important Takeaways:

Choosing a $4.99/month instant website will not deliver you business Choosing to have an inexperienced family member design your website for free or on the cheap will not deliver professional results and is not likely to generate any business or good search engine rankings. If consumers are unable to locate your website when using popular search terms (keywords) related to your business of products, why bother? Training and experience matters. There is an added value to choosing a professional and experienced online marketing expert. A well-trained webmaster will know the internet from all angles (design, usability, development, writing, structure, etc.) and an experienced professional will know what strategies and tactics are going to be best in helping you achieve online success. It doesn’t have to be costly, but it does have to cost.

Web Design Done Right Costs Money

There’s no way around the fact that if you want professional services, there is a cost. But there are creative ways to reduce costs. One option may be to barter for a professional exchange of services. Regardless, be honest about your budget so that your webmaster can help develop the best option — something that will deliver the most bang for your buck. Your webmaster cares to deliver a good product. Most online professionals want to be able to point other clients to your website as an example of their work. They also want to be able to showcase the amount and type of success they were able to help you achieve. You decide the value of your online presence.
If you aren’t achieving the results you want online, the link below points to a great Q A; an article about why getting an inexperienced family member to help you establish an online presence is not going to help. The article is specific to social media, but it’s best to give the same consideration to your business website

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