The Best Free Website Creators

Okay, so you have a Blog, a photostream, and maybe some crazy, only you can make products you want to sell. Perhaps you want to showcase yourself, your music, or your professional services. Maybe you want a free website! First, keep these points in mind: research the best free website creators that are right for you. Which host will provide the file space you need and the capacity you want? Who offers the best options when it comes to function and capability?
Choose a host that will let your creativity shine! You don’t want to create a website that everyone else already has.

Don’t settle for something you know you’ll outgrow. If you need a different feature than what the website host offers, keep looking.

All of these websites offer features that are out of this world, but they will charge you extra for them. Do research before signing up so you can make sure you’re getting what you expect.

My personal favorite is Weebly ( I have two websites through them! You get two free websites (you either have to own the domain name already or buy one through them) before you have to upgrade to a Pro account. It’s free! You can add Google Ad-sense in seconds and create an UNLIMITED number of pages! That’s right; you can have a HUNDRED pages if your heart desires. You can have unlimited Blogs, and it’s simple to add a photo gallery or stream from your Flickr account. If you would like to see an example of a Weebly website (this is where I plug in my little creation), go to my profile and click on my website. Try it out! This is my favorite website creator!

The next one is This is my next suggestion. They have over 300 templates, forums, and photo editing. Come to think of it, they actually offer way more than Weebly, but I have to pay my dues to my “first,” right? Anyways, they also have chat rooms, advanced HTML options (whew, I’m getting a little turned on, aren’t you?), and a member e-mail list (oh my gosh, where have you been?). Okay, try out Freewebs first, guys and girls. They totally rocked my world just now.

Next on my list is The cool thing about Doodle is that you can choose which language you want your website to be in and they also hook you up with a newsletter creator (something I desperately need. I have no idea why I went with anything else). They also help you out with SEO (search engine optimization) and bless you with IP addresses of each visitor and other fantastic statistics about your website. They also make room for a more advanced internet user with XHTML and HTML options. The coolest thing is that they allow you to create an alias e-mail address that will forward any e-mail to your real one. They are a real competitor with Freewebs in my opinion. Now for the bad news (sniff sniff). Most of these featurs will cost you extra. I know, I know! I got your hopes up…I’m sorry! They do offer a free service but also offer great “pay a little extra” features. Just make sure you do a little digging before signing up.

The greatest thing about these website creators is that they basically walk you through everything! They explain the details so even the most inexperienced internet virgin out there can manage their way into creating an awesome, personalized…and best of all FREE, website.

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